Dead Cats

18 Dec

I keep finding them all over my house.

When she is not sleeping or flying around tearing things up she is eating everything in sight. There is no moderation in anything.

I have been baking, shopping, wrapping, creating secret things, sending my spouse to work without lunch and making him make dinner when he gets home. Here is a tablecloth/tree skirt transformation that is not a secret:


Fold, cut.

pin hem


pin skirt

Pin more, sew.

diy tree skirt


I like it because it was $13 but also because 70″ is much bigger than I can find in stores and the stand is huge. Also it keeps people from drinking the tree water. You know, people who lurk behind trees.

My phone’s forecast for the next few days:

A bit of snow.
A snow shower.
Partly sunny.
Partly sunny.

No sign of seasonal affective disorder yet, thanks to my roommates. <3


3 Responses to “Dead Cats”

  1. stephaniegerow December 18, 2012 at 3:23 pm #

    the one on the floor by the table looks the deadest. Nice skirt!

    • littleapartment December 18, 2012 at 3:25 pm #

      That one is my favorite by far. Thanks, it was really easy and probably didn’t need to be hemmed because of the type of fabric, but I hemmed the whole slit up and down and around the circle. I told Josh after like 5 seconds “If I had a sewing machine I’d be done by now” but it wasn’t true.


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