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You’re Invited…To A Little Pity Party

24 Jan

This is the pre-trip, pre-move post, an attempt to clear my brain by writing out everything I’m thinking about. In four short days I’m going to San Diego again…which would be something to look forward to with unadulterated happiness if I didn’t have SO MUCH to get done before I can go. While I’m gone, Josh is going to rent a U-haul and move our furniture and most of our stuff to the new house, with the help of his coworkers. At first I felt bad that I was missing all the work, but I’ve since realized that the actual move is just a small part of moving. Josh assures me I would only be in the way, as I’m useless at heavy lifting. (Guys and their fancy “upper-body strength.”) So my part will be organizing and packing everything we own, which appeals to my more persnickety side but also scares my not-a-self-starter side a little bit.

It’s not that I can complain about going to California, especially when it’s been negative temperatures here for a long time. I won’t mind being somewhere I can “go get something from the car real quick” without layering on outerwear for ten minutes, getting to the car to realize the lock is frozen, and then peeling outerwear back off and hanging it back up when I get inside. Sue me, I’m too lazy for this Northern lifestyle! I’m not proud to admit I’m that girl who can’t ABIDE to be cold but can’t always be bothered to zip her jacket. If Josh had a penny for every time he’s heard me say “I’m cold” we would be living in a castle on our own private island by now, flying family and friends out to visit us in our fleet of jets.

I guess this post will be kind of a downer, mostly because I’m realizing how bittersweet it is to leave our first apartment for good, and that is setting the tone for my writing. Everything less than ideal about this place (no laundry in unit, no pets allowed, off-center light fixture in the dining room lol) is getting harder to remember and every nostalgic bone in my body is dreading this upcoming move. But I know there will be so many benefits! Let me list some of them for ya, and for my nostalgic bones.

1. No twenty-mile commute for Joshie in bad weather. Tons of gas money saved, too.
2. Josh can even go home for lunch.
3. Closer proximity to people I know and like. We’ll be living near several nice families!
4. Niiice carpet in the new house. And two staircases, to keep me and Ida in shape.

5. Free laundry in our home! In a few months the washer and dryer we need to buy will pay themselves off. Good riddance, coin-op!
6. Attached garage for poor little Acura. That’s a big one!
7. Lots of bathrooms and bedrooms for out-of-town guests. Hint, hint :)

So after I pack everything, and somehow wrap my distracted brain around separating out things for my trip, things Josh will need before the move, things Josh will need right away at the new house, etc., I leave on Monday for a six-day trip to San Diego! I kept thinking it was only three days, and I still think of it as sometime in the distant future. I don’t know why. It’s almost for a week, and it’s almost time to go! Am I looking forward to a break from relentless winter? Sure. But compared to seeing Dominic and Christina (and you older people) it doesn’t really register on my anticipation scale. I watched a video of my almost 3-month-old niece babbling right before I wrote this, so I am even antsier than usual to see her again. And I’m always more than ready to see the boy who will always be a tiny baby to me.





8 Jan

I know the world has to end at some point, but I did hope to be married for more than six months so I’m pretty happy we’re all still here. Not that I was particularly taken by the end of calendar=end of time theory, no doubt having been spoiled growing up as I did with a calendar on the kitchen wall that was replaced every January. But when everyone is talking about the end of days it does make you stop and think about your life for a moment or two.

mark twain

“But Mr. Twain, we’re too young to die.”

(The Adventures of Mark Twain is now on Netflix.)


On New Year’s Eve the feline and I fell asleep in the early evening (luckily, this was documented) and were thus able to stay up until midnight, if that counts as staying up. Regardless, when I awoke, Josh made us delicious beverages to toast with.


Here is how he made them:

Dip the rim of a lowball glass into lemon juice and then a mixture of 1/4 t cinnamon and 1 T sugar. With the glass upright once more, add one part Captain Morgan spiced rum, four parts Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider. Add rocks. Dust lightly with cinnamon sugar for effect.

They were delicious and I am not much of a rum drinker. I felt like Clarence the angel when he ordered mulled wine, heavy on the cinnamon and light on the cloves.

At 12 o’clock we toasted and popped a few of those poppers that spray confetti everywhere. Ida was fascinated by them.


I had never heard of eating pork chops and sauerkraut at New Year’s for good luck, but apparently it’s heard of in West Virginia thanks to the Pennsylvania Dutch. Josh made some for us in the crock pot, and as both of the main ingredients are delish it was no surprise when the final product was delish. I researched the tradition and here are my findings:

Throughout history, the lowly cabbage has played side dish to the pig on New Year’s Day, not because it bears a special significance, but because it’s a tasty complement to pork. Any Pennsylvania German worth his or her salt knows pork is served on New Year’s Day because it brings good luck. With their snouts, pigs root forward, signifying progress, lore dictates, whereas chickens and turkeys scratch backward.

So there you have it.

I have been keeping busy in the post-Christmas lull by beginning the stocking I’m making for Baby Christina. I love having a project like this that I can take out on a cold evening when we don’t feel like going anywhere. Cross stitch is rewarding because you get to watch a blank piece of fabric slowly turn into a really elaborate picture.

cross stitch

cross stitch 2

cross stitch 3

cross stitch 4

I probably won’t work on it once the weather warms up, but I expect to get so much of it done in the next few months that I’ll be able to take it out next October or November, finish it off and mail it to Texas.

Josh is looking into buying a left-handed guitar. There is nothing like winter to make a person cultivate indoor hobbies. :)

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