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House Guests

27 Mar

We are always flattered when anyone will travel here for our sake, because it is so far from anything and so needlessly cold. My parents came from California to visit us for an extended weekend, making them the first to stay in our new house.

A brief summation of the visit: On Thursday we ate barbecue without Josh, who was attending a graduation ceremony. On Friday Mom and I babysat some neighbor kids while Dad went to the firing range with Josh, and then we made pizza for dinner (which we had to broil because the oven would not light). On Saturday we drove over an hour to visit a tourist attraction that turned out to be closed for the winter despite their website saying they were open. So we ate more barbecue and went back home. On Palm Sunday we went to church and had Dad’s delicious chili for dinner. He made a huge pot of it, which we have been enjoying ever since. On Monday Mom and I went shopping while Dad and Josh worked, and then the ‘rents took us out for steak at the Blue Moose across the Red River. I had soup and salad instead of steak only because it was a raspberry gorgonzola candied walnuts salad. Yesterday we explored the exchange and Mom bought souvenirs and then we had lunch with Josh at BK and I took our visitors back to the airport.

It is hard sometimes to come up with things to do with out-of-towners here in this snow-covered prairie town. There are not really any tourist attractions to speak of in the whole state, and it is not yet comfortable to remain outdoors for very long. Many nights we watched a movie or two before bedtime and most nights we were drinking socially, which automatically increases the fun factor, right? We also went shopping quite a bit, and Mom and I made some significant progress on a currently-secret gift for a relative.

The weather was on company behavior. It snowed gracefully a couple of times, and daytime temperatures stayed above zero and even reached above freezing near the end. It is back to frigid today, and I think it’s flurrying. The house is so quiet.

Here are some pictures:




Mom and Ida with Neighbor Kid #2


Dad with the GUU-5/P


On our road trip to nowhere


We stopped by the courthouse in Hillsboro where we were married last summer.



Our house, in the middle of our street

I think I need a camera. Not pictured: secret relative gift, Bonanzaville USA, Dad’s hat, Neighbor Kid #1


Marshmallow World

4 Mar

March came in like a lamb. Until last night I worried that we wouldn’t get much more snow and we would have to start dealing with vast quantities of mud that were already starting to appear everywhere, but it turns out my fretfulness was premature.

It’s the time for play, it’s a whipped cream day

My husband is cleansing (in case “detoxing” gives the wrong impression) his digestive system with dandelion tea, and I have been drinking green tea to keep him company. I made 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies on Friday and ate the last one on Sunday night, probably because I left them on the coffee table all weekend because we were drinking so darn much tea.


When I made sugar cookie bars on Valentine’s Day I stopped after whipping the butter and sugars and threw the whole thing away because it smelled weird to me. Thinking it must have been my imagination or forgetfulness of how it usually smells, I whipped more butter and sugars, ignored the smell, and made the cookies, which tasted disappointing and which I was not proud to send to work with Josh, but I was hardly going to keep them at home. Last night my Kraft macaroni and cheese had the same disappointing taste. Here’s what it is, you guys: Sam’s Club “Daily Chef” salted butter. It has a funky smell, can you believe it? And can you believe it took me weeks to make the connection? I use butter all the time.

Breakfast: A slice of toast with a perfectly poached egg on it. Josh took a breakfast burrito, which I made a few weeks ago and froze. It contains sausage, scrambled eggs and hash browns, and if you heat it up right and put salsa on it, it can be pretty good.

On the menu for lunch: Leftover spaghetti.

Dinner: Domino’s pizza. It’s delivery.


Ida purrs and chirps at the frolicking neighbor dog.

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