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I Don’t Have Time to Think of a Title

30 Sep

It is getting colder and I can’t wait for all the nature around here to die or go underground. We have spiders and little centipede-y things in the basement, ladybugs and flies all over the windows (on the outside) making Ida jump onto the kitchen counters and generally act crazy, and mice and garter snakes in the garage and yard (respectively). Turns out I’m not really into the prairie when it is bursting with life. Come back, icy tundra.

The cashier job is going so-so but it makes me SO TIRED. Or is it Baby Boy doing that? I’m sure it’s both. Anyway it doesn’t make for very frequent blogging. Here are some pictures of our younger cat Tom, who is five months old and never really got his debut on my website.

Tom Kitten

We got him at the end of June.

Tom with my belly

Napping with/on Baby Boy, future BFF

close up

He has a weird but likable face.


This is how he looks currently, only bigger.

I gotta go make dinner. Today is my day off but hopefully the government will be shut down soon so I can have a real break. Hopefully those people in Washington can mismanage our imaginary money for a few more days.


Baby Boy!

24 Sep

Coming February 2014.



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