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Crib Talk

6 Jan

Good news, readers! My blog is about to get way better. Are you wondering why? how? Here are three hints:

Ida Canon Rebel

Ida Canon Rebel

Pistachios Canon Rebel

In case you haven’t figured it out, I will be using a real camera instead of my cell phone from now on. 2014 is already a better year!

We finally assembled Baby E’s crib, which a generous friend with a toddler gave to us several months ago. A secondhand crib means ours won’t be the first baby to chew on the railing, but it is in such perfect shape otherwise that I was motivated to look for a DIY solution on Pinterest. As with my cooking, I consolidated several people’s opinions and instructions to make my own plan. This method doesn’t always work with recipes but so far it seems fine for sewing projects.

Chewed crib rail

Busy baby

crib teething guard

I don’t know how well it will stand up to teething, but in the mean time it spruces the place up.

crib teething guard

I will tie better bows after I burn the ends of the ribbon.

It was quite easy to make. You can order these from different places, but making them yourself really only costs the price of the materials—maybe $10?—and if you already have this stuff it is free. Plus I am very picky and I like being able to choose my own colors, etc. Can you tell that I used flannel? Apparently if you use fleece you don’t have to hem it, but I happen to dislike fleece. Flannel with a layer or two of batting is just as soft and cushy, and hems look tidy.

North Dakota 2013-2014

The weather continues charming.

Ridiculous cats


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