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Mr. Nursery

19 Jul

Since our boy is all grown up and sleeping in his own room, I had to address the fact that the nursery was not really ready for full-time use. Back when I was pregnant, I knew he would not sleep in his own room right away, so I had tiiiime. Well, time’s up. Time flies.


I’m huge, Mother.

Pouf! We added some seating. I have found it highly desirable to have somewhere to sit down in his room, mostly for night feedings but it’s nice for story time too. We read voraciously.


I wanted everything to be versatile in terms of which room it belonged in. The chair may eventually be in the living room. The pouf (ottoman) will probably stay with the kid(s), because it will probably get grubby. Both are from Target. The pouf was on clearance and it matched the curtains, which are also from Target, and I thought a big striped blob might be kind of fun in a kid’s room. I originally bought the curtains in pale gray and they were beautiful but not at all light-canceling. They are marketed as blackout, and I will say with a double layer of black bed sheet behind them, the navy blue ones are effective. It would seem that the nursery is taking on a navy blue color scheme (don’t call it nautical). Let’s pretend it is all based on the changing pad cover, which is navy with red, lime green and light blue whales on it. The truck mobile happens to match the changing pad perfectly, and it is from Dominic.


Don’t you hate when your shirt is too tight around the thighs?

We still don’t have a dresser, but I have a white half-bookshelf that I use for his books and toys as well as pajamas and burp cloths. The remainder of his things are hanging or in drawers in the closet. We are waiting on some wall art from Aunt Steph. ;)

We hang out in his room a lot now, and it’s kind of nice to have all his things consolidated geographically rather than having stations all over the house.


I’m allowed on the pouf, but not on the chair. Or is it the other way around? I give up.


When It Isn’t Cold

8 Jul

Warm weather doesn’t last long here so I try to appreciate it. I’m not a very outdoorsy person and the mosquito problem combined with the humidity problem is almost enough to deter me altogether. But it will be snowy soon!

As I’ve said before, without mosquitoes we wouldn’t get to see the C-130 up close. I thought it had come and gone while we were in WV, but it was back a few nights ago and flew so low directly towards us across the field behind our house. It was so exciting and cool, I don’t know why. I didn’t get a good picture of it though because I was too distracted by it being here.

It was a really pretty night.


This was the best picture I got of it.

These were all taken around 9 p.m. It stays light here so long that we accidentally go to bed way later than we should.



We don’t usually have clouds but we’ve been getting lots of rain lately.


My flower bed is not quite on schedule. Last year I predicted that it would look like this in 2014:

But what actually happened was the lilies took over. I planted six of them last year only because I knew the tulips wouldn’t come up until this year, but as soon as it warmed up there were suddenly about forty lilies and nothing else.



There’s still hope for the gladioli because last year they bloomed in September. I guess the lilies are nice but I’d like some color besides orange and yellow.

I haven’t done any work in the garden at all this year, which I think is SO COOL. If we move out in the winter one day, and someone else moves in, and they are not really fast about ripping up the flower bed as soon as it thaws, they are suddenly going to be surprised by about 800 lilies. And a few months later, about ten red gladioli. You’re welcome! That’s the great thing about planting bulbs. After the initial planting you have an eternal flower garden for zero work. I don’t even water them. :)


“My mama’s a genius.”

The new housing company is taking out all the chain link fences and putting up privacy fences. There is no such thing as a free fence though…they are cutting our backyards in half! It will be really little! Good thing we never use it. Here is the back of our house:

20140707_151855 (1)

Taken while on a walk that ended abruptly due to mosquitoes swarming around us and one going up my nose

And here are some pictures of my child today. Can you tell he is ready for a nap?


I need to work on foreground/background focusing with the camera.


I love his eye color!


Sans pacifier


He wanted it back.

Progress Report

5 Jul


We are four and a half months postpartum and I have lost 39 pounds without exercise. I am writing this as much to keep track of it as I am to inform my readers. David is in the 88th percentile for weight, 82nd for head circumference and 70th for length. They gave me length in inches (25.6) and head in centimeters (43.7). Get it together, people!

He is probably quite close  to eighteen pounds because he was overdue to eat when he weighed in at 17 lb 6 oz. He supposedly drinks 8 oz and that was a couple days ago, so there you have it. I’m calling it eighteen so I can give him the larger dose of acetaminophen. He was a little feverish at bedtime.

In other news, his cradle cap is being medicated and disappearing, but he appears to have an ingrown fingernail. I looked it up and some people’s babies get them often but I’ve never heard of it before. One thing after another, Davy my delicate flower.

Sleepwise, he is improving overall and takes awesome naps again but last night was terrible. I’m not sure Dave or I slept between midnight and 6:30. We are officially blaming shots and fever, but unofficially I am blaming Josh. :)

He has rolled front-to-back but not the other way and he doesn’t do it all the time yet. His personality appears to be very sweet and I look forward to seeing more of it. We finally installed the mirror over his car seat and today he found me in it and was really excited to see me! For the past few days he has been pretty quiet and focused on his hands and feet, but he used to talk to me all day long like in this video. I hope he hasn’t grown out of it.

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