Pictures From April And May

4 Oct

I’m far behind.

April 2015

Go back to 13 months old…

13 months old…

…at which point he had his 12-month shots. This was one of the last times I held him asleep, since he was fully weaned a few weeks later.

Same day, at Targ

A little more dignified

Finally able to spend some time outside in mid-April

I put up some pictures in David’s room. Since then, I’ve added more of his cousins to the wall and also placed a taller dresser in front of it. I should probably move them! He used to enjoy pointing out his grandparents.

I put up his quilt from Cousin Helen by the changing table and he constantly points out the stars and circles on it while he is a prisoner there.

14 months old

Not quite nice out, but nicer than winter

Helping with groceries

And yard work


I bought and reupholstered bar stools.

May 2015

May was not always warm either.

Watching workers across the street

Filial love

Filial love 2, with nose injury

Admiring his headlamp

Another very cold May day

First haircut

Loving dirt was easier than anything he’ll ever do again.

Target Icee

Skinned nose :(

And then we went to San Diego. Here is a sneak peek:

The night we arrived

But I’ll go into that later.


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