My closest family these days is about 1,100 miles away and the rest of my people are even farther, so I am adjusting to seeing everyone when I can rather than when I want, and trying to become a better long-distance correspondent, which has always been a weak point. Hopefully this blog will help with that!
I still consider myself a newlywed because I’m still a little bit excited about my husband, but we have two big cats and a baby now. The weather is extreme in the tundra where we live, even to people who aren’t from San Diego, and can be scary if you aren’t careful. What is surprising is that I love it, even in the winter. Maybe just because Josh and Baby Dave are here, or maybe because I find seasons fascinating, or maybe it is the novelty of being surrounded by a vast white silent deadly wasteland that is sometimes amazingly pretty. Or maybe it is the total lack of bugs eight months out of the year, I couldn’t say.


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