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Baby Girl!

22 Aug

Coming this winter. Dave doesn’t know  yet but Josh and I are thrilled!

Here she is:



We are so proud of those little vertebrae

Josh likes to get promoted every time I’m pregnant. That’s exciting too! And good thinking, I say.



11 May

I made my little David a dinosaur hoodie just in time for last Halloween. He is still wearing it, so I decided to post this blog I drafted several months ago.

It is so cold here by Oct. 31st and he was not old enough to trick-or-treat or eat candy so I thought this seemed like a perfect half-costume compromise for running an errand or handing out some candy.

When you are sewing for babies, you can do a n y t h i n g. This mentality speeds things along.

Step One
Decide what you want your spike to look like and then figure out the placement and spacing. Our spike is three inches wide and tall. I don’t like them looking puny and if they are too big they will flop over, which on a stegosaurus would mean broken plates, which is kind of gross.

Step Two
Sit next to your sewing machine to set the mood. Cut out the cardboard template, and label it so you will recognize it later.



Other good Step Ones would be:
Put the baby to bed.


Get felt (like 1/3 yard) and a hoodie. I was going to use a sweatshirt he already owned, but he had pretty much grown out of them and I wanted him to wear it for a few months at least.

Place your spike template on a folded piece of felt and cut out a bunch of diamond shapes that will later fold into spikes. I needed four for the hood, which I did first.


Calm down, sun. The natural light makes the felt look like molten lava. Do not be afraid to touch it.

The hood has a seam down the center of it, which was nice for finding the center but annoying for sewing along. I did not use the machine here for this reason. I pinned the open spikes along the center and stitched through the middle, on the crease where they were folded. Make sure the Sharpie marks are face up now, and make any sewing knots or ugliness happen here as well, so when you fold it shut it will look good.


I don’t know why I’m turning this into a tutorial…how many of you are going to sit down and make one? You can make one for teenagers or adults, if you don’t have a baby.

After sewing down the center of the diamonds with thread that is close in color to the hoodie, close the spikes and sew them shut. I switched to red thread for this step, and used a simple overcast stitch which is like the idiot brother of the blanket stitch. I think the escalloped effect this creates adds to the cuteness. Felt does not require hemming. I barely had enough red thread but I was afraid to use another color.


Since the baby did not sleep very long, have him model it at this point.


It will look so cute and comical that you will be inspired to keep going (some other naptime).







Locate the center of the back of the hoodie and sew the other spikes down the spine. This part only took three spikes while the hood took four, because babies’ heads are very big on their bodies. Sew them closed, using embroidery floss. I have a ton of red embroidery floss! I enjoyed that part so I did it by hand.

Get more hoodies, make more dinosaurs!

Robin Quilt

11 May


I started this quilt for my niece Robin before her pudgy cheeks were even born and before I knew what her name would be.

Some of these pictures are horrible.


Day 1: My visiting mom helped me choose fabric.

Day 8: Having decided how I wanted it to look, I cut the pieces, arranged them, and pinned them together.

Day 198: Sewed them together

Day 216: “I’m a little cold.”

Day 535: “Did you forget about me?”

Day 690 – No joke: Having pinned the front to the batting and the back, I quilted them.

Quilty quilty


The back began to look like this


Day 742: I began to sew the binding around the front of the quilt. After a while it became obvious that the quilt had gotten too heavy for the machine…oh wait, just Ida.

He was trying to hide because I was telling him to leave. Not the brightest

start bind

That SAME evening (applause) I began to hand-sew the back of the binding: the final step.

Along the way, you tend to take frequent pictures like this so you can convince yourself that you’ve really made progress. I had probably sewn about 8 inches.

The last step is the most time-consuming step, incidentally (day 746)

Ida was allowed to insert herself because it needed to be washed at the end anyway, and she is mellow enough to resist attacking the needle and thread most of the time.

My quilt, it has… Corners are a big deal.


Day 754: Quilt complete


Baby’s First Gig

16 Sep

Recently David modeled a line of baby clothing designed and hand-made by my talented cousin Trish in San Diego. She was getting ready to launch her boy merchandise in her Etsy shop when we were visiting a couple weeks ago, and asked if she could have a photo session with Davy. I agreed, hoping that we could catch him in just the right mood at the optimal time of day, but you know how babies are…pretty unpredictable sometimes.

That is just me trying to create a little suspense. David loved the camera and the attention and posed like a professional through several outfit changes. He had previously acted bashful around Tricia and Aunt Carol but there was no hint of that during the shoot. I actually think he was showing off for them. I can’t believe how the pictures turned out! Here are a few of my favorites:

Denim clip-on bow tie for baby by OhSweetHome Designs on Etsy

Navy dot reversible bandana bib by OhSweetHome Designs on Etsy

Bandanas are so much better than bibs! And perfect for a teething baby who drools everywhere.

Mint clip-on bow tie by OhSweetHome Designs on Etsy

Mint clip-on bowtie by OhSweetHome Designs on Etsy

Denim reversible bandana bib by OhSweetHome Designs on Etsy

Who is this guy?

Denim reversible bandana bib by OhSweetHome Designs on Etsy

Tribal reversible bandana bib by OhSweetHome Designs on Etsy

Robin egg reversible bandana bib by OhSweetHome Designs on Etsy

Robin egg reversible bandana bib by OhSweetHome Designs on Etsy

The customizable bowties, (reversible!) bandanas, and bloomers you are seeing are available for purchase here. She has a ton of cute fabric options. His guayabera shirt is a hand-me-down from Dominic, originally from Old Navy.

Whatever the camera brought out in this boy he must have gotten from his dad’s side. I was pretty astonished. And it’s so nice to have so many great pictures of him at six months! I’m hoping next time we’re in town Trish will need someone to model her Christmas line. ;)

Crib Talk Part II

21 Aug


The crib railing pad thing has failed. I wasn’t sure how it would hold up to use, but I don’t think David has ever even touched it and the ribbons are pulling away from the fabric and kind of disintegrating. So I guess I should say that the ribbons have failed. I was constantly having to retie them, just from brushing against it when placing or picking up the baby, and I think my tightening and retightening was too much for them. You can tell they are flimsy! It was for looks, people!

I have (I think) rectified the problem.



These fat ribbons aren’t going anywhere. See the difference:


We might even be cuter, too.

Fine, here he is.


Babies don’t care about the things you sew for them. Good thing!


Have I mentioned he sits? He does.


Monday, Monday

5 Aug

Four minutes old


Eleven minutes old


1 week


2 weeks


3 weeks


4 weeks


5 weeks


6 weeks


7 weeks


8 weeks


9 weeks


10 weeks


11 weeks


12 weeks


13 weeks


14 weeks


15 weeks


16 weeks


17 weeks


18 weeks


19 weeks


20 weeks


21 weeks


22 weeks


23 weeks yesterday

Mr. Nursery

19 Jul

Since our boy is all grown up and sleeping in his own room, I had to address the fact that the nursery was not really ready for full-time use. Back when I was pregnant, I knew he would not sleep in his own room right away, so I had tiiiime. Well, time’s up. Time flies.


I’m huge, Mother.

Pouf! We added some seating. I have found it highly desirable to have somewhere to sit down in his room, mostly for night feedings but it’s nice for story time too. We read voraciously.


I wanted everything to be versatile in terms of which room it belonged in. The chair may eventually be in the living room. The pouf (ottoman) will probably stay with the kid(s), because it will probably get grubby. Both are from Target. The pouf was on clearance and it matched the curtains, which are also from Target, and I thought a big striped blob might be kind of fun in a kid’s room. I originally bought the curtains in pale gray and they were beautiful but not at all light-canceling. They are marketed as blackout, and I will say with a double layer of black bed sheet behind them, the navy blue ones are effective. It would seem that the nursery is taking on a navy blue color scheme (don’t call it nautical). Let’s pretend it is all based on the changing pad cover, which is navy with red, lime green and light blue whales on it. The truck mobile happens to match the changing pad perfectly, and it is from Dominic.


Don’t you hate when your shirt is too tight around the thighs?

We still don’t have a dresser, but I have a white half-bookshelf that I use for his books and toys as well as pajamas and burp cloths. The remainder of his things are hanging or in drawers in the closet. We are waiting on some wall art from Aunt Steph. ;)

We hang out in his room a lot now, and it’s kind of nice to have all his things consolidated geographically rather than having stations all over the house.


I’m allowed on the pouf, but not on the chair. Or is it the other way around? I give up.

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