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Pictures From June And July

5 Oct

June 2015

David’s older cousins on my side

My niece Robin in my dad’s car

Playing at my grandpa’s house

Robin-chat at the Zoo

After the other cousins went back home

Petting zoo

We stayed longer so David could have more one-on-one time with his yiayia.

Travel breakfast

Travel dinner

Relaxing at home

The rash he had the next morning!

Basement for tornado watch

Basement for tornado watch

Tornado weather

13-week belly. Showing early

July 2015

Neighbor dog

Cop by birth. Half-cop, quarter doctor

Pictures From April And May

4 Oct

I’m far behind.

April 2015

Go back to 13 months old…

13 months old…

…at which point he had his 12-month shots. This was one of the last times I held him asleep, since he was fully weaned a few weeks later.

Same day, at Targ

A little more dignified

Finally able to spend some time outside in mid-April

I put up some pictures in David’s room. Since then, I’ve added more of his cousins to the wall and also placed a taller dresser in front of it. I should probably move them! He used to enjoy pointing out his grandparents.

I put up his quilt from Cousin Helen by the changing table and he constantly points out the stars and circles on it while he is a prisoner there.

14 months old

Not quite nice out, but nicer than winter

Helping with groceries

And yard work


I bought and reupholstered bar stools.

May 2015

May was not always warm either.

Watching workers across the street

Filial love

Filial love 2, with nose injury

Admiring his headlamp

Another very cold May day

First haircut

Loving dirt was easier than anything he’ll ever do again.

Target Icee

Skinned nose :(

And then we went to San Diego. Here is a sneak peek:

The night we arrived

But I’ll go into that later.

Baby Girl!

22 Aug

Coming this winter. Dave doesn’t know  yet but Josh and I are thrilled!

Here she is:



We are so proud of those little vertebrae

Josh likes to get promoted every time I’m pregnant. That’s exciting too! And good thinking, I say.


11 May

I made my little David a dinosaur hoodie just in time for last Halloween. He is still wearing it, so I decided to post this blog I drafted several months ago.

It is so cold here by Oct. 31st and he was not old enough to trick-or-treat or eat candy so I thought this seemed like a perfect half-costume compromise for running an errand or handing out some candy.

When you are sewing for babies, you can do a n y t h i n g. This mentality speeds things along.

Step One
Decide what you want your spike to look like and then figure out the placement and spacing. Our spike is three inches wide and tall. I don’t like them looking puny and if they are too big they will flop over, which on a stegosaurus would mean broken plates, which is kind of gross.

Step Two
Sit next to your sewing machine to set the mood. Cut out the cardboard template, and label it so you will recognize it later.



Other good Step Ones would be:
Put the baby to bed.


Get felt (like 1/3 yard) and a hoodie. I was going to use a sweatshirt he already owned, but he had pretty much grown out of them and I wanted him to wear it for a few months at least.

Place your spike template on a folded piece of felt and cut out a bunch of diamond shapes that will later fold into spikes. I needed four for the hood, which I did first.


Calm down, sun. The natural light makes the felt look like molten lava. Do not be afraid to touch it.

The hood has a seam down the center of it, which was nice for finding the center but annoying for sewing along. I did not use the machine here for this reason. I pinned the open spikes along the center and stitched through the middle, on the crease where they were folded. Make sure the Sharpie marks are face up now, and make any sewing knots or ugliness happen here as well, so when you fold it shut it will look good.


I don’t know why I’m turning this into a tutorial…how many of you are going to sit down and make one? You can make one for teenagers or adults, if you don’t have a baby.

After sewing down the center of the diamonds with thread that is close in color to the hoodie, close the spikes and sew them shut. I switched to red thread for this step, and used a simple overcast stitch which is like the idiot brother of the blanket stitch. I think the escalloped effect this creates adds to the cuteness. Felt does not require hemming. I barely had enough red thread but I was afraid to use another color.


Since the baby did not sleep very long, have him model it at this point.


It will look so cute and comical that you will be inspired to keep going (some other naptime).







Locate the center of the back of the hoodie and sew the other spikes down the spine. This part only took three spikes while the hood took four, because babies’ heads are very big on their bodies. Sew them closed, using embroidery floss. I have a ton of red embroidery floss! I enjoyed that part so I did it by hand.

Get more hoodies, make more dinosaurs!

Hippity Hoppity

22 Apr

This is the Easter basket post. As you will see.


The bunny brought something for everyone. Inadvertently

More March Things and Sunglasses

14 Mar

To begin, here are a few more pictures from my parents’ recent visit.


I have several pictures of them playing like this, all horrible image quality. The lighting was weird, bad time of day, cute anyway.


On the count of three, make the same face.





At lunch with the grandparents. There were crowns because BK was celebrating the opening of its new “toddler play area.”

We went shopping after lunch, and David got to ride in the fun cart for the first time. I mean got to drive…

He also got some red Converse for his birthday from my mom and dad.


Too cool for school


Are you still cool if your grandma has to turn your foot for you so you don’t fall?


What do you think?

A few more poses…he takes his modeling seriously. That gig back in September may have gone to his head.




Mom making a funny face, and some cute legs


You can bet he was being extremely loud.


Oh, Tom-Tom.


This is the face of a boy about to do something daring.


He cracks me up! What a monkey pose!


Leftover party decs


This is what it would look like if Josh and I had a kid together.


He loves cords, plugs and outlets. It can be frustrating for the adults in his life.



Guess who sent him this shirt :)

The next pictures are oozing sweetness, so brace yourself. 20150306_125123



Looking for the right toy


I hope he will continue to show an interest in piano. It would be fun to teach him some songs when he’s a bit older.






Today we drove to Fargo to have lunch and walk around the mall before stopping at Harbor Freight for Josh to buy a bunch of tools. The only pictures I took were in the car. Lame! Not that much happened, but we had a nice day. It was about an hour and a half drive each way, and the weather was amaaaaazing. I was almost too warm in long sleeves without a jacket. And I was wearing ballet flats instead of boots!

I forgot about Dave’s sunglasses because I stuck them in the little sunglasses compartment in my car one time and I don’t ever open it because I don’t wear sunglasses in the car. So Josh found them today and David played with them for hours. He likes to have them put on, although he takes them off pretty fast.





In the spirit of the season, I bought another hydrangea. Better luck this time.

Oh My Gosh February

4 Mar

We were busy. Also, we had guests staying in my computer room, so blame them for my silent blog, please. :)


Get out of the way, Tom!

David turned one on the 24th, and we celebrated his hugeness, how he can do everything himself, how he is too big for his swaddle blankets and all his cutest outfits. At no point did he succumb to sudden infant death, choke on solid food or sacrifice his extremities to the elements, and he breast fed for a year. I call that a success!


In retrospect, that might be how the giraffe’s neck was broken. It used to slowly move its head to music, and let’s just say it is pretty fast now.



A closeup of David’s slipper socks, which I opted for in place of boots because he never touches the ground outside and boots are very frustrating to put on a baby.

Here are the terms I consider to be in his vocabulary, although in true baby fashion he is pretty hard to understand sometimes:

Uh-oh (always in a gravelly voice, thanks to my dad)
Get down

I think he might sometimes say “yogurt,” “Ida” or “Tom-Tom” but it’s not a sure thing. He has also said “milk” and “all done” in sign language.


Up with the sun

He walks, although perhaps not as much as he crawls, and not as confidently. But every day the walking-to-crawling ratio is changing and I’m sure pretty soon crawling will be a thing of the past, or something he does around little babies to make them feel better about themselves.

His hobbies include taking baths.








I love my shower curtain

He still nurses, four times per day and occasionally once in the night (when he is teething). He is showing less interest in breast milk these days and really loves his 4% cow’s milk. When he is teething I give him liberal amounts of infant Tylenol, because I remember how much I loved my epidural when I was having contractions.


He has six teeth, four on top and two on bottom. I thought he was working on a molar last week, because he was chewing on things in that region, drooling like a hydrophobe and crying a lot in the night. But I haven’t laid eyes on it yet, so we won’t count it.


He sleeps 11-12 hours per night and takes two naps during the day that are usually decent, which to me means longer than one hour.

If you are holding him, you can say “Lie down” and he will rest his head on your shoulder. But just for a few seconds and then he is too terribly busy again.



Yes, he is falling down.


Don’t worry, he loved it.


I don’t know.





Watching snow



I got this toy back out, and Dave was about as thrilled as the cats. It took him about five seconds to have it all figured out, and then he kept taking it apart. Which was very annoying to the animals!



Tired hipster


My aunt, uncle and parents came from California to be here on his birthday. We think they are so amazing! The rest of the pictures were taken while they were here. Uncle George and Aunt Sue came a few days before my mom and dad, and left a few days sooner.


This is just to show that once in a while I can take a pretty decent picture with a cell phone. There is my camera for proof.



Aunt Sue read to him at bedtime. He always pulls his hair when he’s tired.


Cousin Adrian’s overalls



It was nice having someone else around to get pictures of the three (five) of us. This was probably taken first thing in the morning, judging by my pajamas.


I like this one more :)




Watch out for Tom reading over your shoulder.


Goldfish in the cheek


He liked when I talked about the polar bear and growled like a crazy person in front of the other customers.



After dinner on his real birthday he had his first-ever cupcake, which was funfetti, and his hair looks terrible because he rubbed soup in it.



Asking for clarification









Shopping again, poor boy. The hat from Aunt Betsy is so soft it was allowed to stay on.

So, I bought a ball pit. At one point I freaked out a little at the prospect of having 3 one-year-olds at my house (David’s birthday party) with nothing to do other than empty the DVD cabinet. Turns out the other one-year-olds were no-shows, but the older kids got some use out of it! Dave seemed mildly interested, but not enough to justify keeping it in the living room. So it’s in the basement, and might not get much attention until next winter when I think we’ll be glad we have it. I dropped Ida in and she was terrified, but Tom went in periodically and at one point lay down among the balls.





My poor mother felt sick one day and Ida gravitated toward her vulnerability.


Tom was similarly attracted, and with their powers combined they managed to restore her to health.


This was the night before Dave’s party, and I took a picture because I wasn’t sure the balloon chandelier would survive until morning. It did though! Lazy cats.



Making pizzas. Thank you, Mom!



I did not take pictures in the middle of the party, but we did have two families from Josh’s shop and three of my friends from when I worked at the bank. Dave seemed to enjoy the hubbub and he got some fun gifts out of it. Tom slept through the entire thing on the cat tree in the living room, but Ida made the rounds.



Ida chewed through a package of airline cookies, because she is addicted to carbs. I suppose making her wear a bib falls under animal shaming.



Please notice my FIVE STRIKES.


Uncle Geo


I have been appreciating the Suburban lately.

I am stopping there because February stopped there. Perhaps one day a March blog post will show more of this lively group.

I just love when people come visit us. :)

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