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Good Friday

3 Apr


The more I think about it, the more I’m thinking I should wait until Monday to post a bunch of pictures with bratty captions.

Somber Good Friday and Happy Easter, everyone.


He Is Taking Over My Blog And My House

1 Oct

Here are some pictures from the last month or two that haven’t made it onto the blog because they were not related to our trip or the piano or the crib pads. To start us off, here is Dave relaxing in the bath with his neurotic lifeguard nearby. If you come visit, be sure not to let Tom in the room when you shower because he is super annoying.






Here are his legs after his six-month shots.



I’m fine, really.


I had him try on this dinosaur costume to see if there was any chance it would fit on Halloween. Nope!




The pack ‘n’ play is back out! Seeing him play in it reminds me so much of baby Robert.





How the mighty have fallen.

On a day with nice weather I opened the back door in our dining room and realized the neighbor’s dog has just enough space to stick his whole head between the wall and the fence. Tom was sure surprised to see a big dog head practically touching the back door. By the time I got the camera the dog had gone into its house. But Tom’s fur was still puffy!








I swear this big baby dwarfs my husband.


But Ida dwarfs him. If p then q.


Here is one of his new bow ties from OhSweetHome. You can see Davy was in a very playful mood:














This one reminds me of Robin.


This one reminds me of Brain, I think. (Try to take over the world)


Here he is ready to try green beans for the first time. I added butter and garlic and they were not great but he seemed to like them, just like his dad. Although his dad tasted these ones and thought they were terrible.

You can watch his dignified reaction:

One Month

24 Mar


Because he was born in February, Davy is four weeks old and one month old on the same day. Now that he’s born I can stop counting his age in weeks, right?

I don’t think he minds it too much, being on the outside. In general he seems quite content, easily calmed down with a simple swaddle or the occasional pacifier. I hope Josh doesn’t think every baby is like this, but I know they aren’t and I know we are lucky to have a good little eater and sleeper. If I feed him at bedtime (9 or 10 p.m.) he will usually eat twice before I get up in the morning, somewhere around 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. although it varies. He often falls back asleep while being burped, and then if I can stay awake long enough I put him back in his pack ‘n’ play bassinet but if I can’t, I let him sleep on my chest or lay him next to me until the next feeding. We haven’t had a night of him keeping us awake for long periods of time since probably the first week he was home.

Nursing him on the left side is usually still painful, despite Lanolin and All-Purpose Nipple Ointment (anti-fungal, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, steroid). I don’t know why the first minute or two on that side has hurt since he was born, but since it has never hurt on the right side I don’t think I can blame his technique. His “latch” appears to be ideal, so it is quite a mystery.

We’ve been bathing him about once a week because it is so dry here. A few days ago I filled his little tub with warm water so he could sit in it while I washed him (instead of laying him on a towel on the kitchen counter), and instead of shivering and crying he seemed to really enjoy it. I guess he is trying to tell me that he isn’t a newborn anymore. :(

David 1 month

At the one-month mark, I have lost 28 pounds, most of it in the first two weeks. I haven’t had a moment of heartburn or pelvic floor pain since he was born. I have almost no appetite these days, which is weird and not really a good thing since I’m supposed to be eating even more calories for the breastfeeding. For the first time in my life I have to remember to make myself eat. If I feel at all hungry I usually gravitate towards sweets, which also surprises me because I feel like my body should be craving nutritious things right now. Thanks for nothing, body! The pediatrician told me to drink a gallon of water a day, so that is another thing I’ve been working on.

As we predicted, the weather since David’s birthday has been way too cold for stroller use. We held off on getting the one that would hold his car seat because I think it will be mid to late May before we can take him out. I wish it could be sooner, as walking is approved postpartum exercise and if my son is anything like the other babies I’ve watched, he would love being outside.

I’m taking him to San Diego for Easter, and I am so excited that my sisters and their kids will be there too. Not only will David be meeting his great-grandparents, aunt, uncles and other relatives, but we will be able to get hundreds of pictures of him with Dominic, Christina, and Robin. Cuteness overload.

David 1 month

Blogging with Mama

Crib Talk

6 Jan

Good news, readers! My blog is about to get way better. Are you wondering why? how? Here are three hints:

Ida Canon Rebel

Ida Canon Rebel

Pistachios Canon Rebel

In case you haven’t figured it out, I will be using a real camera instead of my cell phone from now on. 2014 is already a better year!

We finally assembled Baby E’s crib, which a generous friend with a toddler gave to us several months ago. A secondhand crib means ours won’t be the first baby to chew on the railing, but it is in such perfect shape otherwise that I was motivated to look for a DIY solution on Pinterest. As with my cooking, I consolidated several people’s opinions and instructions to make my own plan. This method doesn’t always work with recipes but so far it seems fine for sewing projects.

Chewed crib rail

Busy baby

crib teething guard

I don’t know how well it will stand up to teething, but in the mean time it spruces the place up.

crib teething guard

I will tie better bows after I burn the ends of the ribbon.

It was quite easy to make. You can order these from different places, but making them yourself really only costs the price of the materials—maybe $10?—and if you already have this stuff it is free. Plus I am very picky and I like being able to choose my own colors, etc. Can you tell that I used flannel? Apparently if you use fleece you don’t have to hem it, but I happen to dislike fleece. Flannel with a layer or two of batting is just as soft and cushy, and hems look tidy.

North Dakota 2013-2014

The weather continues charming.

Ridiculous cats


Pretzels and Cranberries

5 Dec

When you never have free time and energy at the same time, blogging is (apparently) one of the first things to go. In fact, here is a list of things that have fallen by the wayside:

1. blogging

2. Christie’s stocking and Robin’s blanket

3. dishes, laundry, bathrooms

4. my editing business

In case you cannot relate, let me tell you what I have observed about being 30ish weeks pregnant and 30ish pounds heavier than I’m used to and spending more waking hours standing up than sitting down: for someone who has never been whatever the opposite of sedentary is, these conditions make it REALLY HARD TO DO ANYTHING. Just ask Josh, he will verify that I mostly do nothing.

The good news is that I am quitting my job! I took a job as a store cashier shortly after realizing I was pregnant because the pay and hours were significantly better and would allow me to save about twice as much money as my bank job. I had planned to work at the store until January something, but Josh convinced me (quite easily) that quitting before Christmas would be better for many reasons. In fact, here are some of our reasons:

1. I haven’t really started any baby prep yet. Also I feel I have lost control of my messy house. Josh wants me to be able to relax and enjoy the last part of the pregnancy and feel somewhat prepared by Feb. 14 (and clean up after myself once in a while).

2. I don’t have to worry about working on Christmas Eve and every day preceding it because we are shorthanded, which would translate to not getting my shopping done and packages mailed in time.

3. The store accepted my application nearly a month ago for an open 24 hr/wk position, and then told me it might take months for it to happen because they are retards (my wording). To make things worse, I haven’t gotten a Saturday or Sunday off in a long time (except when I took leave to go to CA) which is sad because I never have a day to hang out with Joshua. Who wants Mondays and Thursdays off? Terrible. ;)

4. Plantar fasciitis. Needles and pins-uh.

5. Some People have been Getting On My Nerves. This has been getting worse the tireder I become, and is enough to make me pretty annoyed a lot of the time. It will be sad to leave nonetheless because I do like the limited social interaction with customers (introvert) and I like a lot of the people who work there.

6. Josh got a promotion!

Blah blah blah. Six reasons should be enough! The main one is that Josh said I should, and he doesn’t have any pregnancy brain affecting his way of thinking. If he wants to treat me like a delicate flower, that’s okay by this lady.

Last night after work I made a cranberry garland. I’d had Josh buy cranberries when he did the Thanksgiving shopping (I was working) and he put them in the fridge (logical), which was fine for the ones that became sauce but it might have made the ones for the garland a little weird. I have never bought fresh cranberries before but I was expecting them to be somewhat crisp and hard like a green apple, and most were more like very delicate grapes. Is that from refrigeration or just the way it goes? Anyway after a few days of resting on a cooling rack in the pantry, many were discovered to be like wooden beads or green apples or whatever and last night these ones were totally workable. The cats LOVED this activity, and have been playing with the same cranberry all around the house ever since. I ended up making a garland that was about 4 feet long (I didn’t measure) which was perfect for my counter-top Christmas tree. I think my next step will be to make those cinnamon ornaments for it, so it will have a food theme. Kitchen trees should have a food theme? I did not have any un-buttered popcorn so I went straight cran. For the big tree I might do a popcorn-cranberry one, but I might wimp out because I can see the cats knocking the tree down in the night. With any luck/momentum, right through the front window.

Cranberry garland

Cranberry garland

When we were in Texas meeting Robin, Betsy and Marcos had pretzel rolls from Costco. Josh has never forgotten how good they were, and has been talking for weeks about trying to make his own. We haven’t seen them for sale anywhere around here. After a bit of internet research, he made his first attempt (I was working):

Parboil pretzel rolls


Bake pretzel rolls


Lovely pretzel rolls


Aren’t they perfect and adorable looking? He was disappointed that they tasted exactly like soft pretzels at the mall shaped like rolls. How do I describe the pretzel roll he was envisioning? Softer and more delicate, like a dinner roll, but with a delicious pretzel flavor. He will try again, and again if necessary. Meanwhile I love to eat them warmed up a little and dipped in mustard. :)

Quick pregnancy update: I can’t tell if I would be sore if it weren’t for my job, but that is really my only complaint. No swollen ankles or anything. Sometimes my back aches but Josh can usually fix it right up. I think I must still be in that golden age where I don’t feel sick and I don’t feel like a cow yet. The baby moves a lot, which is awesome! It makes me smile at work.

Heads Up

10 May

I’d like to take this time to let my readers know that I will be buying a sewing machine soon, possibly today, and shortly after I will be writing at least two different posts regarding sewn objects. Also, I am going to have another post soon, not about sewn objects, but possibly involving a lot of 3M strips. Oh my gosh are you excited?

I don’t feel hopeful about the bulbs I planted because they didn’t look like very good specimens, but maybe if they progress I will put up a picture of that, in one of these coming posts. Also, I would like to document spring in the Great Plains a little bit. It’s worth seeing.

Big plans for the blog.

Christmas Card

12 Apr

I live in one! My street looks so similar to this that I won’t take a picture of it:

And my hood:


But seriously, it is mid-April and winter is still going strong. I keep thinking of this:

When he bares his teeth, winter meets its death,
And when he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again.

and that maybe the license plates around here should say “Always winter, never Christmas” across the top instead of “Discover the spirit.”

I started a job at a bank, and now I feel more like I earn my days at home and I don’t have to do housework, so you can imagine that the house is getting pretty gross. The job is going smoothly but it’s boring so I won’t talk about it anymore on the blog.

Here is some food for thought: If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. What do you think? I saw it on the Internet.

Rumors are swirling about Ida being part Maine Coon. Her fur appears slightly greasy sometimes, which is common among Maine Coon kittens, and her coloring and markings are quite common for Maine Coons as well, and she is kind of big for her age. But she is not 15 pounds yet, so we’ll see.

By the way, if your cat’s fur appears slightly greasy sometimes, do not Google “my cat has greasy fur” or you will be told that your precocious kitten has all kinds of serious medical issues and could die at any time. Who needs to hear that? Not I. What Google should have said was, “Does she bathe herself?” and you could say, “She’s too busy being a maniac” and Google could say “Well, there you go.”



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