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Pictures From June And July

5 Oct

June 2015

David’s older cousins on my side

My niece Robin in my dad’s car

Playing at my grandpa’s house

Robin-chat at the Zoo

After the other cousins went back home

Petting zoo

We stayed longer so David could have more one-on-one time with his yiayia.

Travel breakfast

Travel dinner

Relaxing at home

The rash he had the next morning!

Basement for tornado watch

Basement for tornado watch

Tornado weather

13-week belly. Showing early

July 2015

Neighbor dog

Cop by birth. Half-cop, quarter doctor


The Office

19 Jun

Until lately our “home office” looked like this:


But now we have a desk! That’s the big news. Josh brought it home from the armory because they were going to throw it away and we still haven’t found one we both like and we hadn’t made it priority because Josh hasn’t built his computer yet. The armory desk is quite sturdily constructed but was ugly with a lot of surface wear/defects, so we decided to make it over. I didn’t take a “before” picture until after we had taken the hutch off and removed the cabinet doors. But you get the idea:


After picking out the paint, I stood around aimlessly while Josh did a lot of sanding and priming and sanding and priming. Then I painted it Colonial White! And then Josh sanded and added a second coat while I was at work.


cat door

Folks were watching from the windows, everybody held their breath

Now our home office looks like this:



So I was playing around with push pins.


My dad drew the one on the top left. The rest are just internet things I have liked.

Until now I have not spent any time in this room. Before it can really be functional (and comfortable), a few more things have to happen. Here is my to-do/to-buy list:

– desk lamp where the pencil cup is
– new hardware for cabinet doors
– new fabric for bulletin board
– buy remaining parts for desktop computer (Josh’s project)
– pad to protect desktop paint and make writing more pleasant
– filing cabinet(s) for underneath or beside
– curtains for window
– extra seating: love seat?

Hopefully all of that will happen soon and I can put up an updated picture.

Ida is already at home in our new hangout. Maybe when her “cat bungalow” arrives I can put it up here instead of in my living room. :/



Hydrangea update! It continues to grow, very slowly. But my fuchsia plant may be dying from overexposure to the sun (whoops). It is chilling out in the dark guest room for a few days.


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