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Hippity Hoppity

22 Apr

This is the Easter basket post. As you will see.


The bunny brought something for everyone. Inadvertently


Good Friday

3 Apr


The more I think about it, the more I’m thinking I should wait until Monday to post a bunch of pictures with bratty captions.

Somber Good Friday and Happy Easter, everyone.

Easter 2014 and California

3 May

Davy and I spent Easter in San Diego this year, leaving his poor dad home with the cats. Here are a bunch of pictures from the month of April, most of which are from our 4/19 – 4/29 trip.

David sleeping on his side

After-breakfast cat nap at home

I have been so wimpy about trimming his nails that he went through a major mitten phase. I am happy to report that we have moved past it together, however.

boxing gloves



Helping me pack the day before we left for CA

I was also very wimpy about dealing with his cradle cap for a while, because my first attempt (coconut oil) left his poor scalp red and irritated. So the cradle cap was allowed to get really bad after that! We have since sucked it up and dealt with that too. :)

blue pjs 1

We spent the morning of the 19th getting lots of quality time with Joshua.

blue pjs 2

Josh is just a prop sometimes.

blue pjs 3

We love Dada. The spray bottle is for Ida.

blue pjs 4

A slight resemblance, I think.

gfk to msp

The 45-minute flight to Minnesota went really well. He fell asleep before takeoff and slept until landing.

msp to san

The 3.5-hour flight to San Diego was a little rockier at first, but he eventually fell asleep like this, and slept a long, long time!

We arrived late at night and the next morning was Easter. We went to church with my parents and Robert, and then we went to lunch at the 19th Hole and walked home. It was his first walk outside!

easter outfit

Ready for a nice Easter nap (just like his grandpa)

easter nap

I have been informed that I hold my baby too much. <3

The weather was pretty amazing, at least to us. David got to go outside every day, sometimes barefoot! I loved being able to sit on the porch. I hope you California residents don’t ever take that for granted.

outside barefoot

Insisting on standing

chilling with mama

These were my favorite pajamas of Baby Dominic’s. They are a tight squeeze for Davy already.

Aunt Steph and Cousin Robin arrived after a couple days and met Dave for the first time. Steffi and I realized we don’t really know how to handle (without awkwardness) each other’s babies, because they are in such different stages. Robin is an awesome kid. I was so glad she was pleased to let me hold her or hang out with her whenever I wanted. I hope Davy will be as chill and happy and chubby at 9 months.

robin in chair

Happiest baby award


Cheek shot

I can’t believe I forgot my real camera. The bad pictures are from my cell phone, and the clearer ones are stolen from Betsy. I tried not to take too many of hers.

mom robin porch

They look like their dads! Mini.

When Betsy arrived with Dominic and Christina, we walked in a small parade to the playground Dominic loves. David borrowed his cousin’s car seat and stroller, which is much easier for him to sleep in. So easy in fact that he slept through the whole outing. Aunt Sue was basking in all the babies.

4/24 park

Mom is so cute

Christie is so interested in babies. David didn’t mind being called Rah-rah (Robin) and she brought him toys and rocked his chair.

Christie rocking baby

On the Friday following Easter Sunday, we had the extended family over for dinner. The day started with baby baths in the kitchen sink.

bath David

He looks like his mom sometimes.

bath Robin


em stef deck

A bunch of chubs. And Steffi :)

em rob couch

Could the Robs be more precious?

em rob couch 2

She likes watches.


The only picture we got of the Daves. They liked each other though.

em rob self

I call this one “Niece and aunt in pajamas”

em rob self 2

“Variation on a theme”

shelter island

Sunday morning we walked around Shelter Island with Aunt Carol. It was overcast but it’s always nice to see the ocean.

david bay

David borrowed Christie’s pink blanket.

pismo beach 1986

It reminded me of when I borrowed my cousin’s pink sweatshirt at Pismo Beach.

meanwhile in ND

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, as Ms. Carbone would say. Keeping the pack ‘n’ play warm.

nap on me

More holding my baby too much <3

boy cousins

Before heading back to TX Dominic agreed to try holding David. “Sometimes babies are too heavy.” Try carrying him around in your belly, Dominic.


David with his grandpa

Dad had the foresight to insist on a family picture before Betsy departed. Sorry, Christie, I think you are yawning. The low quality of this image is my fault!

family photo 2014

Missing the spouses :(

sunshine baby

Enjoying a little more nature before returning to the tundra. We were really missing Josh by the end so we weren’t too sad to go.

I needlessly dreaded the 3.5-hour flight back to Minnesota. David was a little angel! And how could I have known the person next to me would be a no-show, so we weren’t crammed between two strangers. I was able to nurse him with relative privacy, and he slept peacefully the rest of the time. Too bad our house doesn’t sound like an airplane during naps.

SAN airport

At first we were like


But then we were all

Our flight out of Minnesota was delayed, as usual. David got a little fussy while we waited at the gate, but I would much rather deal with fussiness there than on a plane.

MSP delayed 2

This is how we deal with fussiness.

My swaddled baby was a huge hit among the other passengers. One guy said his girlfriend would think it was the cutest thing she had ever seen, so I let him take a picture. I never said I was immune to flattery.

MSP delayed 1

I dread the day a swaddle won’t work on him anymore.

The nap lasted almost until we landed in North Dakota.


Here he is on the flight back.

Josh was waiting for us just past security, such a welcome sight. I don’t have pictures of the reunion. My phone was probably too dead for the camera to work. Story of my life.

a boy and his cat

Reunited with Tom

a boy and his other cat

And Ida

The next day was Josh’s twenty-eighth birthday. When I texted him asking if he would prefer a cake or cookies, he said both. So he got both, although it took me two days to “frost” the cake. I made one round layer and twelve cupcakes, and poked holes in all of it to fill with vanilla pudding before topping with Cool Whip. I’m glad I tried it with the cupcakes because they were really good! Unfortunately they weren’t ready for him to take to work on Friday, so we’re spending the weekend trying to eat everything ourselves before it gets stale or mushy or both.

poke holes in cupcake

fill cupcake with pudding

top cupcake with cool whip

On May 1 David had his two-month pediatric appointment. At nine weeks old, he weighed 14 lb 10 oz (putting him in the 95th percentile). His head is 80th percentile and his length is supposedly 58th, but I’m sure that is wrong because he seems about three feet long.

2 month pediatric

It can’t be easy to measure a wriggling baby.

He had three shots in his legs at the end of the appointment, and it is one of the few times I have heard him really cry. Once I had calmed him I had to put him in his car seat to go home, but I wish I could have held him longer. You know, because I hold him too much. But the poor guy!

after vaccines

This picture still breaks my little heart.

He fell asleep before we had reached the car, and took a nice long nap that afternoon. The next morning he had a fever, but as far as I know it didn’t surpass 100.7 and it was gone a few diaper changes later.

vaccine sleep

And now he is waking up so I’m stopping! Bye.

One Month

24 Mar


Because he was born in February, Davy is four weeks old and one month old on the same day. Now that he’s born I can stop counting his age in weeks, right?

I don’t think he minds it too much, being on the outside. In general he seems quite content, easily calmed down with a simple swaddle or the occasional pacifier. I hope Josh doesn’t think every baby is like this, but I know they aren’t and I know we are lucky to have a good little eater and sleeper. If I feed him at bedtime (9 or 10 p.m.) he will usually eat twice before I get up in the morning, somewhere around 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. although it varies. He often falls back asleep while being burped, and then if I can stay awake long enough I put him back in his pack ‘n’ play bassinet but if I can’t, I let him sleep on my chest or lay him next to me until the next feeding. We haven’t had a night of him keeping us awake for long periods of time since probably the first week he was home.

Nursing him on the left side is usually still painful, despite Lanolin and All-Purpose Nipple Ointment (anti-fungal, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, steroid). I don’t know why the first minute or two on that side has hurt since he was born, but since it has never hurt on the right side I don’t think I can blame his technique. His “latch” appears to be ideal, so it is quite a mystery.

We’ve been bathing him about once a week because it is so dry here. A few days ago I filled his little tub with warm water so he could sit in it while I washed him (instead of laying him on a towel on the kitchen counter), and instead of shivering and crying he seemed to really enjoy it. I guess he is trying to tell me that he isn’t a newborn anymore. :(

David 1 month

At the one-month mark, I have lost 28 pounds, most of it in the first two weeks. I haven’t had a moment of heartburn or pelvic floor pain since he was born. I have almost no appetite these days, which is weird and not really a good thing since I’m supposed to be eating even more calories for the breastfeeding. For the first time in my life I have to remember to make myself eat. If I feel at all hungry I usually gravitate towards sweets, which also surprises me because I feel like my body should be craving nutritious things right now. Thanks for nothing, body! The pediatrician told me to drink a gallon of water a day, so that is another thing I’ve been working on.

As we predicted, the weather since David’s birthday has been way too cold for stroller use. We held off on getting the one that would hold his car seat because I think it will be mid to late May before we can take him out. I wish it could be sooner, as walking is approved postpartum exercise and if my son is anything like the other babies I’ve watched, he would love being outside.

I’m taking him to San Diego for Easter, and I am so excited that my sisters and their kids will be there too. Not only will David be meeting his great-grandparents, aunt, uncles and other relatives, but we will be able to get hundreds of pictures of him with Dominic, Christina, and Robin. Cuteness overload.

David 1 month

Blogging with Mama


1 Apr

Have you ever wondered why so little fuss is made over Easter? Compared to Christmas, for example. Just seems weird.

When I decided to get married and move away from my family it was Christmas I worried about. I accepted that it would not always be within my power to observe Christmas where and with whom I chose, but I dreaded missing the hundreds of rituals associated with that time of year and made an effort to establish as many of them as I could in my new household. I didn’t think the lesser holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving, New Year’s) would be as much of an issue, because there isn’t much to them.

But the whole problem when there isn’t much to them is that if you aren’t careful they can kind of disappear. The gist of Easter as I’ve known it (aside from Easter baskets I guess) has been going to Mass/church with my family in the morning and then hanging out with cousins either at my Grandpa’s house or, in the old days, at the Del Cerro pool. Aside from seasonal candy I don’t associate any particular food with the holiday, and I don’t remember getting any decorations out of the garage every year. So when it comes to making Easter here for me and Josh, and I have no relatives or Grandpa’s house or pool to work with and no specific dishes or decor to recreate, I draw a big fat blank. Do we dye eggs? Fill baskets? That’s for kids. But Easter must be observed.

So I’ve been researching Lent and Holy Week and Easter and trying to decide what our rituals will be. And that’s when I run into that whole gray area that is Easter/Spring. Just what do the colored eggs and bunnies and chicks have to do with it again? Do we celebrate Easter with images of spring because they occur at the same time, the way we decorate for Christmas with snowflakes and snowmen, or are we really embracing the new life around us to remind us of our own new life? I have never bought into the bunnies and chicks thing, but maybe that’s just because I don’t like bunnies or chicks. Would putting eggs around my house make me feel more Eastery? Or just kind of eggy?



We ate chili for dinner last night, but maybe next year I will really try to cook lamb like a good Greek. I have been looking to my Greek Orthodox roots and I like their blood red Easter eggs (κόκκινα αυγά) and the cracking game that goes with them, but I’m not sure I can manage seven weeks of veganism followed by lamb. In fact I’m sure I can’t. What did my Protestant or Catholic ancestors do on Easter? Or my in-laws, for that matter? I don’t even know. My research continues.

So far for next year I’m leaning toward hot cross buns and Greek eggs. And if I plan a dinner menu, buy flowers and use the china, Easter Sunday will be more of a celebration.

Do you have any Easter traditions that don’t involve baby farm animals? I’d be grateful.

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