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Pictures From June And July

5 Oct

June 2015

David’s older cousins on my side

My niece Robin in my dad’s car

Playing at my grandpa’s house

Robin-chat at the Zoo

After the other cousins went back home

Petting zoo

We stayed longer so David could have more one-on-one time with his yiayia.

Travel breakfast

Travel dinner

Relaxing at home

The rash he had the next morning!

Basement for tornado watch

Basement for tornado watch

Tornado weather

13-week belly. Showing early

July 2015

Neighbor dog

Cop by birth. Half-cop, quarter doctor


More March Things and Sunglasses

14 Mar

To begin, here are a few more pictures from my parents’ recent visit.


I have several pictures of them playing like this, all horrible image quality. The lighting was weird, bad time of day, cute anyway.


On the count of three, make the same face.





At lunch with the grandparents. There were crowns because BK was celebrating the opening of its new “toddler play area.”

We went shopping after lunch, and David got to ride in the fun cart for the first time. I mean got to drive…

He also got some red Converse for his birthday from my mom and dad.


Too cool for school


Are you still cool if your grandma has to turn your foot for you so you don’t fall?


What do you think?

A few more poses…he takes his modeling seriously. That gig back in September may have gone to his head.




Mom making a funny face, and some cute legs


You can bet he was being extremely loud.


Oh, Tom-Tom.


This is the face of a boy about to do something daring.


He cracks me up! What a monkey pose!


Leftover party decs


This is what it would look like if Josh and I had a kid together.


He loves cords, plugs and outlets. It can be frustrating for the adults in his life.



Guess who sent him this shirt :)

The next pictures are oozing sweetness, so brace yourself. 20150306_125123



Looking for the right toy


I hope he will continue to show an interest in piano. It would be fun to teach him some songs when he’s a bit older.






Today we drove to Fargo to have lunch and walk around the mall before stopping at Harbor Freight for Josh to buy a bunch of tools. The only pictures I took were in the car. Lame! Not that much happened, but we had a nice day. It was about an hour and a half drive each way, and the weather was amaaaaazing. I was almost too warm in long sleeves without a jacket. And I was wearing ballet flats instead of boots!

I forgot about Dave’s sunglasses because I stuck them in the little sunglasses compartment in my car one time and I don’t ever open it because I don’t wear sunglasses in the car. So Josh found them today and David played with them for hours. He likes to have them put on, although he takes them off pretty fast.





In the spirit of the season, I bought another hydrangea. Better luck this time.

The Last of the Fall Pictures

17 Dec

David has become quite mobile since October, and his huge fat legs seem to be shrinking a little with the constant exercise. They say that all good things must end some day; autumn leaves must fall.

Last week he and I were visiting my family in California. The four flights (David has been on 16 planes, not including in utero) were not as bad as I expected, and he made friends with other passengers. The trip was fun, but of course flew by!

Nov. 5




Nov. 9 I am not sure exactly when he started pulling up, but this was one of the first times. As soon as he heard me take a picture he started coming for the camera.IMG_2913




Going to the grocery store

Nov. 10 Proof that the Suburban fits in the garage…with centimeters to spare ;) IMG_2927


Nov. 12IMG_2932



Nov. 13IMG_2953

Nov. 15IMG_2962







Nov. 24 (Nine months today)IMG_2989








Eyeing the lens cap


He always gets his man.







“Gotta go check on my cats.”






“Are you sure they like me, Mama?”


Is she keeping her friend close or her enemy closer? She tends to be nearby.



Nov. 2715497_924668804405_7509688421865020497_n




My men at Thanksgiving

Nov. 28

Car crash

Car crash. Luckily he was ejected before the Camaro flipped




“Hello, I’m fat.”


Nov. 2910849860_924668914185_5353473609996181681_n



Loving homemade (not by me) sourdough bread


10245568_924676513955_4719213384319154652_n (1)

Dec. 1IMG_3174






The old litmus test




And it was good.

Dec. 21907908_924676394195_4888885580786112609_n


Striking a pose

Dec. 310845976_924676409165_3260530379355682273_n

Dec. 41004552_924676429125_7847638031787656866_n



Dec. 5 It is impossible to get good bath pictures because he is never still even for a second.1384167_924674662665_4591034028619661236_n



I love this one!

Dec. 61964771_924674617755_8516067910516276022_n



I’ve been told he has my nose. I don’t really see it!

Dec. 8 Heading to California


A tarmac guy tapped on our window as he walked by and noticed the baby face plastered to it.

Dec. 9


Breakfast at Yiayia’s


He’s no Francie



Watching Mickey’s Christmas Carol…for like 10 seconds




David liked this nativity.

Dec. 10 The kitten and the baby were very interested in each other, and each other’s toys. Pretty cute!


Bed head





Dec. 1110847840_924674113765_35815429520414640_n

Dec. 13 Christmas Tea1743559_924674358275_259499109089176993_n






Crumpet selection



A very rewarding house to decorate


Mo in the mirror



Finagling shortbread from Aunt Ellen




I got lazy with the last bows.


Uncle Robert and Davy sharing a moment




Dec. 14


They both liked the guitar stand as a toy, but Waldo eventually got knocked off the arm of the couch by his end of it.



Last dinner with the grandparents

Dec. 15 Home again, home again10418869_924673594805_5532170345937346708_n (1)

We came home to a sad, empty house. (Well, the cats were there.) Josh is away, but just for the week! I am so glad he will be here for Baby’s First Christmas.

August California Trip

10 Sep

David and I flew to California on August 23rd to visit my family. My parents had not seen him since he was two months old and it was making me sad so when I heard my older sister was planning a trip to San Diego I booked us an overlapping one. Then my little sister followed suit. (The Dominic effect.) Josh joined us for the second half of our visit before flying home with us.


Logging some tummy time the morning after our late-night arrival.


This is the musician we hired to follow us around playing beautiful melodies on the guitar. Well worth it.



Getting ready for a walk with Yiayia. Not sure what this face is all about.


So glad I brought the real camera this time! My cell phone could not do this.



Yiayia is the reason for the season.


My dad makes beautiful salads! Here you can see homegrown tomatoes, avocado, radishes, olives and feta.


David had his first taste of water on the plane and immediately was a fanatic. Which was perfect since it was quite hot in CA!


Playing with a crocheted washcloth in my parents’ kitchen sink


Hanging out with his cousin Tricia and testing the capacity of the drool-catching bandana she made


Out to lunch with his grandparents and great-grandparents. He noticed the camera and started doing crazy eyes, which was fine because the lighting was bad anyway. I do wish I had taken pictures with Grandpa once we got outside though.


Cell phone shot :/


Don’t you dare drop your water again…




The dining room was looking photogenic.


Uncle Rob entertaining a jet-lagged baby


Noticing the camera :)


Dave with Rob & Alex


This is Waldo, who was rescued from the streets of Little Italy and given Kitten Milk Replacer.


Meeting Uncle Marcos for the first time


Deciding he likes Uncle Marcos


Deciding he likes Baby Dave


Where’s Waldo?


I like these people.


Tired boy


Little Christy. I thought this might be interesting in a few decades because of the media.


Uncle Steve and Marcos checking out the 1940s Toast-o-lator. Toast is “walked” past the heating elements on an escalator-like mechanism and then dropped out on the other side onto a waiting plate. AKA “the aristocrat of toasters,” this baby is “shiny, clever and dangerous.”


A colorful kitchen picture. Dad was making scrambled eggs for everyone.


Christy self-soothing


Dave had his first cereal on this trip. Pictured is his second cereal. Don’t tell me rice cereal has no nutritional value; when there is breast milk in it, it is a superfood. :)


I love this chair.


This is why I love this chair.


The British Airways jet flew over my parents’ house every evening and was eagerly anticipated. It is a beast.


I like pictures that show the neighborhood because they are interesting to look at later. Aw, look at Ty’s house all restored. Aw, look at Mom and Aunt Nancy checking out that yellow car.


David: “Oh, there’s that plastic heart I love.”


Robin: “The plastic heart is mine.” David, admiringly: “Okay!” Younger cousin syndrome.


“I don’t like your captions, Aunt Emmy.”


We made this cake for our Labor Day party to celebrate all the summer birthdays in our family.


Some of us ate a lot of date bars on that trip. Or matrimonial squares, if you want.


This selfie happened while Josh was in charge of the camera at the party.


The Daves sizing each other up. Big Dave said Little Dave is worthy of the name.


Dave being impolite to his second cousin Garrett, who was kind enough to want to hold him.


Meanwhile, Christy.


Mom cutting birthday cake. This lady knows how to entertain.


A passel of Evangelous


If you would have just smiled normally, I would have gone away!


Come on!


“Mother, she is patting my leg so fast I can’t see her hand.”


The big kids. I think Dominic was being told to play catch parallel to the street instead of perpendicularly. Aw, look at the old house. Aw, look how close Aunt Sue parked to Mo.


Meanwhile, David.


Meanwhile, Robin. I love this picture, I think because of Mom’s expression.




Our genial host



I wanted so badly to get an awesome picture of these two babies standing together. Josh took a lot but it never really worked out.

IMG_2164 IMG_2165 IMG_2166 IMG_2167 IMG_2168 IMG_2169 IMG_2170 IMG_2174 IMG_2175 IMG_2176 IMG_2178 IMG_2177

Oh, well. :)


Josh looking like his mom and Davy looking like Davy

Here come beach pictures!


Oh, Christy!


Pale boys keep to the shade.


Burying Dominic’s legs


Robin inspects the waves.


I don’t know if Dave liked the ocean.


I could see how it could kind of freak a person out at first.


He seemed interested.



Once in a while there’s a big, unexpected wave and you grab for your kid.


If I hadn’t been in such a hurry to get my pale baby out of the sun, I would have stayed longer and helped Dominic build something out of sand.


Christy and the volleyball she borrowed from a nearby family



Worn out!


Whether he realizes it or not, he’s the young fun uncle.


Hug from Bobbie


A brief appearance by Christina


An hour or two at the beach will do this to you. ;)



I’m glad I finally got to see the USS Midway Museum. The Midway was the largest ship in the world for ten years and the first warship too big for the Panama Canal. It was decommissioned in 1992 after 47 years of service and now it is sitting in the San Diego Harbor and you can walk all over it and touch everything.



Welcome aboard, Dominic


Walking among the airplanes and helicopters stored inside the ship.


Watching a video about the engine that won the war


What a cute test pilot.


This plane has wings that fold for more compact storage. Pretty cool!


Upstairs on the flight deck


Flight deck of the USS Midway, with some familiar people



The only reminder that you are on a ship and not solid ground


David is looking a little weary by now. This is the inside of a helicopter.


The Coronado Bridge



I liked reading these call signs from Desert Storm.


We found a bench on deck for Dave.




Lunch after at Seaport Village.

Josh, my mom and I took David and Robin to Scripps Birch Aquarium in La Jolla one day while Stephanie was working.


Pretty incredible view


After we meandered through the dark room full of tanks, I think the babies were both ready for naps. Dave had just whacked my mom in the face when this one was taken. (I have proof)


Robin did not smile in any of them. It’s not her way…


Just the ladies

Well, that was about a hundred photos. If you’ve made it this far you must really like us.

It was a great trip. David got to know my parents and vice versa, and I’m so glad my brothers and sisters could be there at the same time with their kids! Just wish it could happen every day.

2014 West Virginia Trip

11 Jun

I’m not great at photojournalism. When I took my boy to CA I forgot my camera altogether, and on our recent trip to WV I mostly left it in its case in our room. What pictures I did take are mostly of the baby! I’ll share them as I go along. Some are from Joshie. As I described in my last post, we drove to Minneapolis with Danielle. While there I had to be sure we ate at Chick-fil-A. Here is my son at Chick-fil-A:



We also went to IKEA and looked at chairs for David’s room. We figured he was ready to start sleeping in his crib, but since his room had no chair I would have to bring him back to my room to nurse if he woke up in the night. Too much work! So we thought we would get a certain gray wingback and we toyed with the idea of putting rockers on it. The plan was to return to IKEA for the chair after the West Virginia leg of our journey. Sadly this did not come to pass, and his room is still chairless. But it doesn’t matter yet. Keep reading to find out why! On Saturday we left Minneapolis for Pittsburgh by way of Chicago. Here is David on the flight to Chicago-Midway:



He is still really easy to fly with. The plane knocks him out every time.

In Pittsburgh we were met by my in-laws, and Josh’s sister and her three kids. Then Josh’s other sister flew in with three more kids making us a big, crazy group. It felt like my family ten years ago when all the boy cousins were still kids and all the get-togethers were hectic and fun. In other words before we got old and boring! It was great seeing my nieces, Taylor and Lylah, and my nephews, EJ, Isaiah, Noah, and Easton. Everyone had changed pretty drastically from two years before. And we had not met Easton yet! We all drove in two cars to Josh’s parents’ home in West Virginia.


5/25 the next morning


5/25 I don’t always, but when I do

David was accidentally (well, unwittingly) sleep-trained (and nap-trained) while we were visiting my in-laws. I began putting him in the bedroom alone for his naps just because there were so many people around, and he immediately was able to fall asleep on his own. And because it was so dark and white-noisy he began taking two hour naps two or three times a day. He also fell asleep in there by himself in the evenings and only woke once in his always 12-hour night (after eight or nine hours). I could not believe it, because previously he had been falling asleep in the evenings with me and Josh, usually in the living room, waking a few times a night, and sleeping about 30-45 minutes at time during the day. Here he is in Easton’s pack-n-play:


5/26 down for the night

Since we’ve been back at home, he takes naps in his own room and goes down for the night in there, to be transferred to the rock-n-play (cradle type thing) in our room when we go to bed. We like to have him with us when we’re sleeping because of his coughing and gagging. Which you will learn about presently. :) I may be precipitate in calling him fully sleep-trained because he does still depend on being swaddled.


5/27 lunch on the Ohio river


5/27 with Mama’s foot



The weather in West Virginia was amazing compared to North Dakota and the scenery was beautiful. This next picture is the view from my mother-in-law’s front porch. We had moved the patio table out to the tree for some shade one afternoon. I loved sitting out there relaxing with the relatives, and I think David liked being in the fresh air, too.


5/29 Fog


5/29 Fog


5/29 Texas shirt


I think this is a talking smile


This is the inhale on a sneeze!


5/31 Lylah and Easton. Easton would not be still for a picture, no doubt because he would rather have had me changing his pee-diaper. Sorry, buddy!

We went to the zoo in Wheeling, WV one day. It was called the Good Zoo which I thought was a little arrogant but also not very ambitious–you might as well call yourself the Great Zoo at that point? But it was named after someone named Good. It was nice to walk around outside with the babies in strollers. We began the day with a little train ride:







And then people who were brave enough fed the llama and goats:


6/01 Lylah


6/01 Taylor

By that night David and Josh were very congested. We assumed it was just allergies, but lying on his back made David choke so we propped him up in our bed to sleep.



There was so much car seat time on this vacation that I started to feel really bad for the little guys. David hates being restrained, and loves sitting straight up or standing (supported). He gets really restless in the car, like his dad, and everywhere we went was pretty far away!


6/02 in the car


6/02 in the car

One night I actually took out the real camera and got some shots of the boys together. If you leave your baby with me, he will end up swaddled! But not until he betrays a tired sign or two. They happened to both be using their white blankets and Nuk pacifiers, which made me think to take a picture. Or a few. Taylor was helping me by trying to get them to smile, but they were both pretty mellow by that point.


6/02 cousins


6/02 cousins


Easton: Isn’t my sister hilarious? David: Meh.


Feel free to print and frame. ;)


6/02 cousins

Josh’s mom drove us back to Pittsburgh and we stayed the night there before catching a flight back to Minneapolis.


6/05 flight to MSP


6/05 baggage claim MSP


6/05 Minneapolis hotel

The following day we made plans to go to IKEA for our chair and some blackout curtains for the boy’s room, and in preparation we moved David’s car seat to the opposite side of the car so we could fold down half of the back seat. A few minutes later we were on our way, and almost immediately got in a fender bender when another car ran a red light and hit us. We were so glad we had moved David because we were struck on the side he usually sits on. Everyone was okay except our Mitsubishi, which I feel emotionally attached to now because it might have saved a few lives, self-sacrificially. Not only the three of us, but the man in the little car behind us. The driver who ran into us was only 16 and had been driving for two months. It was a 45 mph zone and I think she was going pretty fast, although we weren’t because we were turning. As the driver of our vehicle I feel pretty responsible, too! Although I wasn’t at fault, a little more vigilance might have allowed me to prevent the collision. And with my baby in the car! You can’t imagine my guilt. David cried as soon as it happened but when I got him out of his seat he was fine. (Probably very glad for a chance to escape his car seat for a while. He was immediately looking around with interest.)


6/06 an hour after the accident

We had to leave our car in Minnesota and drive a rental home. (No IKEA chair.) We are still waiting to hear if it’s totaled.

I am just so relieved and grateful that Josh and Davy were not hurt. What would I do without either of them?


6/07 happy to be home

On Monday I took him to the doctor to make sure he was ok after his adventure (he is fine) but mostly for his horrible congestion which only got worse as our vacation went on. We had given up on the hope that it was allergies, and sure enough he has a virus that we just have to wait out. It is frustrating because he can’t really have any medicine, being an infant. It has decreased his appetite but also wakes him up, interrupts him when he’s eating, makes him spit up more, etc.




6/10 Ida


6/10 Ida

Ida has always been great with kids I babysat and she has shown that she is good with the baby too. Her purring is as good as any fan while he sleeps, but she is also very tolerant of him when he kicks her and pulls her fur with his toes–she just moves out of reach, eternally patient. (I admit, I sometimes harass her with the baby to see what she will do.) But she doesn’t avoid being around him, which is nice. I thought maybe she would try to leave home when he was born. Tom is more selfish, and will ignore the baby in your lap in his attempt to get close and cuddle with you. He just jumped up as I was typing this, and landed on the baby before he was shoved mercilessly back to the floor. He is also the one who sleeps in David’s crib if he can access it, which is annoying and hairy. I still LIKE him, but I wish he would be a little more mature about everything. Ha!

Easter 2014 and California

3 May

Davy and I spent Easter in San Diego this year, leaving his poor dad home with the cats. Here are a bunch of pictures from the month of April, most of which are from our 4/19 – 4/29 trip.

David sleeping on his side

After-breakfast cat nap at home

I have been so wimpy about trimming his nails that he went through a major mitten phase. I am happy to report that we have moved past it together, however.

boxing gloves



Helping me pack the day before we left for CA

I was also very wimpy about dealing with his cradle cap for a while, because my first attempt (coconut oil) left his poor scalp red and irritated. So the cradle cap was allowed to get really bad after that! We have since sucked it up and dealt with that too. :)

blue pjs 1

We spent the morning of the 19th getting lots of quality time with Joshua.

blue pjs 2

Josh is just a prop sometimes.

blue pjs 3

We love Dada. The spray bottle is for Ida.

blue pjs 4

A slight resemblance, I think.

gfk to msp

The 45-minute flight to Minnesota went really well. He fell asleep before takeoff and slept until landing.

msp to san

The 3.5-hour flight to San Diego was a little rockier at first, but he eventually fell asleep like this, and slept a long, long time!

We arrived late at night and the next morning was Easter. We went to church with my parents and Robert, and then we went to lunch at the 19th Hole and walked home. It was his first walk outside!

easter outfit

Ready for a nice Easter nap (just like his grandpa)

easter nap

I have been informed that I hold my baby too much. <3

The weather was pretty amazing, at least to us. David got to go outside every day, sometimes barefoot! I loved being able to sit on the porch. I hope you California residents don’t ever take that for granted.

outside barefoot

Insisting on standing

chilling with mama

These were my favorite pajamas of Baby Dominic’s. They are a tight squeeze for Davy already.

Aunt Steph and Cousin Robin arrived after a couple days and met Dave for the first time. Steffi and I realized we don’t really know how to handle (without awkwardness) each other’s babies, because they are in such different stages. Robin is an awesome kid. I was so glad she was pleased to let me hold her or hang out with her whenever I wanted. I hope Davy will be as chill and happy and chubby at 9 months.

robin in chair

Happiest baby award


Cheek shot

I can’t believe I forgot my real camera. The bad pictures are from my cell phone, and the clearer ones are stolen from Betsy. I tried not to take too many of hers.

mom robin porch

They look like their dads! Mini.

When Betsy arrived with Dominic and Christina, we walked in a small parade to the playground Dominic loves. David borrowed his cousin’s car seat and stroller, which is much easier for him to sleep in. So easy in fact that he slept through the whole outing. Aunt Sue was basking in all the babies.

4/24 park

Mom is so cute

Christie is so interested in babies. David didn’t mind being called Rah-rah (Robin) and she brought him toys and rocked his chair.

Christie rocking baby

On the Friday following Easter Sunday, we had the extended family over for dinner. The day started with baby baths in the kitchen sink.

bath David

He looks like his mom sometimes.

bath Robin


em stef deck

A bunch of chubs. And Steffi :)

em rob couch

Could the Robs be more precious?

em rob couch 2

She likes watches.


The only picture we got of the Daves. They liked each other though.

em rob self

I call this one “Niece and aunt in pajamas”

em rob self 2

“Variation on a theme”

shelter island

Sunday morning we walked around Shelter Island with Aunt Carol. It was overcast but it’s always nice to see the ocean.

david bay

David borrowed Christie’s pink blanket.

pismo beach 1986

It reminded me of when I borrowed my cousin’s pink sweatshirt at Pismo Beach.

meanwhile in ND

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, as Ms. Carbone would say. Keeping the pack ‘n’ play warm.

nap on me

More holding my baby too much <3

boy cousins

Before heading back to TX Dominic agreed to try holding David. “Sometimes babies are too heavy.” Try carrying him around in your belly, Dominic.


David with his grandpa

Dad had the foresight to insist on a family picture before Betsy departed. Sorry, Christie, I think you are yawning. The low quality of this image is my fault!

family photo 2014

Missing the spouses :(

sunshine baby

Enjoying a little more nature before returning to the tundra. We were really missing Josh by the end so we weren’t too sad to go.

I needlessly dreaded the 3.5-hour flight back to Minnesota. David was a little angel! And how could I have known the person next to me would be a no-show, so we weren’t crammed between two strangers. I was able to nurse him with relative privacy, and he slept peacefully the rest of the time. Too bad our house doesn’t sound like an airplane during naps.

SAN airport

At first we were like


But then we were all

Our flight out of Minnesota was delayed, as usual. David got a little fussy while we waited at the gate, but I would much rather deal with fussiness there than on a plane.

MSP delayed 2

This is how we deal with fussiness.

My swaddled baby was a huge hit among the other passengers. One guy said his girlfriend would think it was the cutest thing she had ever seen, so I let him take a picture. I never said I was immune to flattery.

MSP delayed 1

I dread the day a swaddle won’t work on him anymore.

The nap lasted almost until we landed in North Dakota.


Here he is on the flight back.

Josh was waiting for us just past security, such a welcome sight. I don’t have pictures of the reunion. My phone was probably too dead for the camera to work. Story of my life.

a boy and his cat

Reunited with Tom

a boy and his other cat

And Ida

The next day was Josh’s twenty-eighth birthday. When I texted him asking if he would prefer a cake or cookies, he said both. So he got both, although it took me two days to “frost” the cake. I made one round layer and twelve cupcakes, and poked holes in all of it to fill with vanilla pudding before topping with Cool Whip. I’m glad I tried it with the cupcakes because they were really good! Unfortunately they weren’t ready for him to take to work on Friday, so we’re spending the weekend trying to eat everything ourselves before it gets stale or mushy or both.

poke holes in cupcake

fill cupcake with pudding

top cupcake with cool whip

On May 1 David had his two-month pediatric appointment. At nine weeks old, he weighed 14 lb 10 oz (putting him in the 95th percentile). His head is 80th percentile and his length is supposedly 58th, but I’m sure that is wrong because he seems about three feet long.

2 month pediatric

It can’t be easy to measure a wriggling baby.

He had three shots in his legs at the end of the appointment, and it is one of the few times I have heard him really cry. Once I had calmed him I had to put him in his car seat to go home, but I wish I could have held him longer. You know, because I hold him too much. But the poor guy!

after vaccines

This picture still breaks my little heart.

He fell asleep before we had reached the car, and took a nice long nap that afternoon. The next morning he had a fever, but as far as I know it didn’t surpass 100.7 and it was gone a few diaper changes later.

vaccine sleep

And now he is waking up so I’m stopping! Bye.

One Month

24 Mar


Because he was born in February, Davy is four weeks old and one month old on the same day. Now that he’s born I can stop counting his age in weeks, right?

I don’t think he minds it too much, being on the outside. In general he seems quite content, easily calmed down with a simple swaddle or the occasional pacifier. I hope Josh doesn’t think every baby is like this, but I know they aren’t and I know we are lucky to have a good little eater and sleeper. If I feed him at bedtime (9 or 10 p.m.) he will usually eat twice before I get up in the morning, somewhere around 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. although it varies. He often falls back asleep while being burped, and then if I can stay awake long enough I put him back in his pack ‘n’ play bassinet but if I can’t, I let him sleep on my chest or lay him next to me until the next feeding. We haven’t had a night of him keeping us awake for long periods of time since probably the first week he was home.

Nursing him on the left side is usually still painful, despite Lanolin and All-Purpose Nipple Ointment (anti-fungal, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, steroid). I don’t know why the first minute or two on that side has hurt since he was born, but since it has never hurt on the right side I don’t think I can blame his technique. His “latch” appears to be ideal, so it is quite a mystery.

We’ve been bathing him about once a week because it is so dry here. A few days ago I filled his little tub with warm water so he could sit in it while I washed him (instead of laying him on a towel on the kitchen counter), and instead of shivering and crying he seemed to really enjoy it. I guess he is trying to tell me that he isn’t a newborn anymore. :(

David 1 month

At the one-month mark, I have lost 28 pounds, most of it in the first two weeks. I haven’t had a moment of heartburn or pelvic floor pain since he was born. I have almost no appetite these days, which is weird and not really a good thing since I’m supposed to be eating even more calories for the breastfeeding. For the first time in my life I have to remember to make myself eat. If I feel at all hungry I usually gravitate towards sweets, which also surprises me because I feel like my body should be craving nutritious things right now. Thanks for nothing, body! The pediatrician told me to drink a gallon of water a day, so that is another thing I’ve been working on.

As we predicted, the weather since David’s birthday has been way too cold for stroller use. We held off on getting the one that would hold his car seat because I think it will be mid to late May before we can take him out. I wish it could be sooner, as walking is approved postpartum exercise and if my son is anything like the other babies I’ve watched, he would love being outside.

I’m taking him to San Diego for Easter, and I am so excited that my sisters and their kids will be there too. Not only will David be meeting his great-grandparents, aunt, uncles and other relatives, but we will be able to get hundreds of pictures of him with Dominic, Christina, and Robin. Cuteness overload.

David 1 month

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